Old Pulteney 17 Is a Discontinued Delight Go to the seaside with the now discontinued dram.

Recently Old Pulteney announced they were discontinuing their 17 and 21 year old statements. This came as a shock to many as both these drams have had important roles to play in keeping the brand in the top echelon as brands fight for recognition in an increasingly crowded market.

Yours truly has been corresponding with the good folks at Old Pulteney and they have assured me new aged statements will be released. Some that have been maturing for well over two decades so watch this space for exciting new Old Pulteney drams.

Old Pulteny 17

But as a last hurrah, I thought it appropriate to review the wonder whisky that is Old Pulteney’s 17-year-old statement.

Nosing (Aromas)

On the nose there is fruity sweetness and more than a hint of the sea. If you have experienced Old Pulteney whiskies before then you’ll know the aromas of the sea is a hallmark of their drams. Sometimes the sea notes can be a bit overwhelming so to break it there is a hint of mint to create good harmony and balance.

Palate (Taste)

The palate is light with earthy spices and fruity sweetness as sultana notes coming to the fore. To cut the sweetness there some delicate herbal notes towards to the end. A nice delicate balance is achieved.

Finish (After taste)

Finally, the finish brings oak into the equation coupled with toffee and bitterness. This makes for a great combination, very rare to see it in the finish of a whisky.

Overall, Old Pulteney 17 is a winner! Many retailers will still have stock available but do not expect this to last. My advice, buy two – one to drink the other to keep.

Notes on the Author – Pranil Chandra is the man behind the Instagram Whisky Blog kyandkey. Pranil holds regular corporate whisky tasting masterclass. Learn more at www.kyandkey.com.au