The New Tesla Roadster Will Do 0-100 In 1.9 Secs!

Tesla has unveiled the next generation of their very first car, the Tesla Roadster, due to arrive in 2020.

The new Tesla Roadster emerged from the trailer of the Tesla Semi Elon Musk’s audience were there to see, before squirting around the hanger and coming to a halt in front of the cheering crowd.

Tesla Roadster Front

Tesla Roadster Front

Musk announced some absolutely insane numbers for the stunning new Tesla Roadster, with 0-100km/h demolished in 1.9 secs, as quick if not quicker than a Formula 1 car, and a quarter mile sprint in 8.9 seconds (no NOS required). He also promised that the four-seater targa would have a top speed north of 400kmh which puts it toe to toe with the Chiron and Agera, which is just bonkers, and 1000km of range.

Tesla Roadster Interior

Tesla Roadster Rear

The Tesla Roadster will start at US$200,000 when it arrives in 2020, with the first 1,000 sold being Founder’s Series models that will retail for $250,000 apiece – a steal for the fastest production car ever. At the event Musk also offered anyone game enough to drop a $50,000 deposit on the vehicle a ride in it – more than a few punters took the bait!

Tesla Roadster Wheel

Tesla Roadster Targa