MU77 House by Arshia Architects A terrace with views to rival any.

Situated on the exclusive Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood hills, the MU77 House by Arshia Architects is an angular masterpiece, provoking feelings of luxury. The architects at Arshia have designed a contemporary hilltop pad with stunning views to match.

The main entry is located on the top floor, along with the garage, three bedrooms and a foyer. Continuing downstairs you enter the heart of the home, kitchen, living area, and spacious outdoor terrace. Enormous sliding glass doors allow each space to merge into one. The pool and Jacuzzi provide unmatched views out over Hollywood.

The striking and rigid appearance of the home stands out in its natural surroundings.  The interior, matching the external appearance, is made up of lines and shapes featured in predominate areas of the house like the kitchen.  The contrast of the structure against the natural environment that encompass it works too well.