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Grove Designs

Grove Designs

The city of Portland has always been synonymous with skateboarding, however, in recent times it appears to have become the mecca for another industry, hand crafted designs. To see the two industries come together is special; to see them come together to create ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly products is respectable.

It took a collaboration between Grove and MapleXO to recognise the potential of excess skateboard waste as both a beautiful and beneficial production material. They teamed up in 2011 to release 50 stunning limited edition Iphone cases and auctioned them on Ebay with some proceeds going to the Oregon Humane Society.

Today Grove and MapleXO produces the ‘Skateback’ ($49), not as complex as the cases above but equally as resourceful. The design focuses on the cross section of layered plywood, rich in simplicity and beauty with no two products the same. It comes with a 3M adhesive strip that fixes it to the back of your phone and Grove promises it won’t leave any residue on the glass when you peel it off.

Check out the video about the ‘Skateback’ on Vimeo